Featuring Noelle Pion

During the late 80's to mid 90's, the Kane/Taylor Explosion (led by Daniel Miles Kane on saxophone and Stan Taylor on drums) was quite likely one of the most exciting and influential jazz quartets in Vancouver.

In 2005 the group was re-united for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival with a new rhythm section including Allan Johnston on acoustic bass, and the addition of powerful vocalist Noelle Pion co-fronting with Danny.  Performed at David Lam Park, this tribute to Cole Porter would have knocked the roof off the place if they weren't already outdoors!

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Kane & Taylor are the fathers of re-invention, having once again revamped their band to accommodate new blood. 

While Danny dishes out slamming solos on his saxophone and Stan  sizzles with his jaw-dropping drumming, Noelle mercilessly mesmerizes with the mic; Allan beguilingly bedazzles with his bass; Raphael Geronimo captivatingly coaxes with congas and cow-bells; Tom Wherrett gregariously galvanizes on guitar; and Lorne Kellett personifies passion on the piano.

Armed with fresh, exciting arrangements (some of which Mr. Porter's fans may not recognize at first though assuredly fall in love with in a second) this is a tribute to Cole Porter like you’ve never heard his music before... and if Cole were alive today, he would certainly be getting his kicks alongside their fans.